Taddeo is a strategic communications consulting firm serving major companies, new economic actors and executives, founded in 2011 by Raymond Soubie and Julien Vaulpré.


Evaluating reputation risks has become an essential part of the decision making process. Communication has become a strategic lever to transform businesses. Given these expectations, our role is to support leaders in their decision making process, rather than merely adding language to decisions that have already been made.


Taddeo brings a new perspective, sound judgment, and unique insights about the companies it advises.


Taddeo offers innovative practices and methods for leaders to deal with social dialogue and manage corporate changes.


Taddeo fights to enable leaders to express themselves freely, which is a prerequisite for their own credibility and in turn that of their companies.

Our clients


Offering an unrivaled blend of expertise to our clients: a team of consultants with significant experience, coming from both the business world and public affairs, from academia and from marketing & advertising, from market research and speech-writing, consultants and entrepreneurs. Raymond Soubie and Julien Vaulpré gathered a team with a large range of expertise, which stands out from any other communications consulting firm on the market. We bring together a unique set of expertise, capable of going beyond the lack of originality of traditional communication techniques.


Within an industry that is still in the process of refining its methods and where an oral culture still prevails, Taddeo’s method is based on the importance of writing, which is, in turn, crucial for corporate leaders in any industry. This involves the systematic production of documents (unofficial reports, talking points, corporate speeches, decisions reports, briefs, etc.), which also offer certain guarantees to our clients:


> That we articulate our ideas and express them in detail ;


> That we make clear and engaging recommendations ;


> That we labor carefully on semantic choices to shed light on company/leader speeches ;


> That we provide reminders of the strategies we have implemented, which enables our clients to track them chronologically and to evaluate their efficiency.


Acteur de la nouvelle influence, Taddeo rejette l’ancienne culture de l’opacité. Le cabinet entretient une relation de travail permanente avec les relais clés au sein de la rédaction des principaux médias (patrons de presse, rédacteurs en chef, éditorialistes, grands reporters, etc.) et des pouvoirs publics (gouvernement, haute administration, grands élus, institutions, etc.). Au service des entreprises que nous accompagnons, nous collectons des informations et donnons accès à ce réseau selon un mode de fonctionnement régi par trois exigences fortes :


> La transparence : nous rendons compte à nos clients ; ils savent qui nous sollicitons en leur nom et ont connaissance de l’intégralité de nos échanges les concernant ;


> L’engagement : nous protégeons les intérêts de nos clients auprès des relais d’influence, dans le respect de leur indépendance ;


> L’honnêteté : nous énonçons clairement les limites de notre champ d’intervention et bannissons toute pratique ou comportement inappropriés susceptibles de nuire à la réputation de nos clients.

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